Auditory Augmentation

2009/2010 by [intlink id=”2″ type=”page”]Till Bovermann[/intlink], René Tünnermann, and Thomas Hermann.

Auditory Augmentations are building blocks supporting the design of data representation tools, which unobtrusively alter the auditory characteristics of structure-borne sounds. The system enriches the structure-borne sound of objects with a sonification of (near) real time  data streams. The object’s auditory gestalt is shaped by data.driven parameters, creating a subtle display for ambient data streams. Auditory augmentation can be easily overlaid to existing sounds, and does not change prominent auditory features of the augmented objects like the sound’s timing or its volume. In a peripheral monitoring situation, the data stays out of the users’ attention if they want to concentrate on other items. However, a characteristic change will catch the users’ attention.

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