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2009, 2010 by Bodo Lensch, [intlink id=”2″ type=”page”]Till Bovermann[/intlink], René Tünnermann

AudioDome SoundBlox is an interactive installation base initiated by Bodo Lensch that is developed at Animax, Bonn in cooperation with the CITEC Bielefeld.

So far, several interaction studies were made, each focusing on other aspects of big platonic physical objects. The first prototypical application e.g. focused on the way how an understanding of sound processing technologies can be mediated tangibly.


Technical Background

We are happy to have six mono-colored cubes with an edge length of 60cm at hand. Each is painted with a different color and has unique markers on its sides. A build-in wireless stereo loudspeaker setup can be controlled from a computer. The cubes are visually tracked from above. The active area is currently 6 by 6 square-meters.

Two of the six cubes

Two of the six cubes

Additional Material

People involved in the Production Process

Bodo Lensch, René Tünnermann, John Lensch, Sven Hahne, Norbert Stein, Thomas Kuleßa, and many, many more.

(I’ll try to collect all involved people here, so please [intlink id=”2″ type=”page”]drop me a line[/intlink], if you feel that you should be included.)



Video of the first prototype.