Tangible Auditory Interfaces

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Audio is a natural affiliate to physical objects. Most of these artifacts already make sound, e.g. when touched or knocked against each other. A tangible auditory interface now tries to join the paradigm of tangible interfaces with the one of auditory displays. In a tangible auditory interface, a tangible controlling component is complemented by an auditory display, forming a multimodal gestalt. While the tangible part is primarily focused on input capabilities, its sonic characteristic supplements these haptic and visual cues. The primary output modality of a tangible auditory interfaces therefore is sound. A tangible auditory interface is capable of turning into physical, graspable artifacts what otherwise remains abstract: data, algorithms, everything borne digital.
This web presence invites you to explore the possibilities of the Tangible Auditory Interface paradigm at hand of descriptions of several proof of concept applications such as Auditory Augmentation, AudioDB, or ChopStix. It is based on work, Till Bovermann developed and implemented during his PhD time at Bielefeld University ( AmI | CITEC | NI ). You find a link to the PhD Thesis in the Publications section. Currently, Till Bovermann works in the TAI Studio at the Medialab, Department of Media, School of Art and Design, Aalto University.